Who We Are


O’More College of Design was born out of the vision of Eloise Pitts O’More, who had a passion for beautiful design and exquisite execution. Her passion was awoken when she studied design, dance, and art in Paris in 1925, and realized when she trained as a designer in New York City. At the end of her professional career, Eloise Pitts O’More dedicated herself to establishing this school that bears her name and embodies her vision, where what she had learned is passed on and improved by faculty, students and staff. I am happy to welcome you to the community she created, where good design that moves people matters.


It is often said that O’More’s campus feels like an enchanted island, floating in a beautiful community on the edge of one of America’s most dynamic modern cities. In this tranquil place, creativity finds a playground and the surrounding region gives it outlet. All that we do here is dedicated to helping students excel in work that will shape the world and let others discover the pleasure of good design and objects well made. No other college works with the same principles and passion, and so O’More encourages all those in its community to excel, not simply survive; to lead, not simply pursue; and to create, not simply receive. We do not take the road less travelled. We make the road that others travel.


What we do here together will last more than a lifetime, as did the work of Eloise Pitts O’More, because together we design a future with vision, beauty, passion, and purpose. I look forward to seeing you, talking with you, and helping you to strive and thrive.


Dr. David Matthew Rosen