Please follow these simple steps to apply for admission:


  1. Complete the online application and pay the $50 application fee.


  1. Please send copy of drivers license or government-issued ID.


  1. Request an official copy of the most recent transcript for the college you are currently attending, plus completed transcripts from any school you previously attended. (Note: even if you took just one class, the transcript from that college is still required.)


If you have taken 30 college hours or more, no high school transcripts are required.


If you have completed fewer than 30 college hours, O’More will also need the following:

  • An official copy of your final high school transcript or GED scores and transcript of completed high school work;
  • An official copy of ACT and/or SAT scores. These may be submitted on your high school transcript or sent directly from ACT or College Board. O’More will consider the highest score as part of the admissions process. (Note: If you did not take either the ACT or SAT before attending college, it is not required.)


Transcripts should be sent to:

O’More College of Design

423 S. Margin St.

Franklin, TN 37064


  1. Students applying for admission into the Fashion Department may also be required to submit a sewing sample and will be contacted if necessary.


  1. Once all application materials have been received, an interview with the appropriate department chair will be scheduled.