We believe in the power of design to transform our environment for the better. O’More is committed to being a leader in creating a sustainable environment for our community and our future.


Here’s what we’re doing to make our campus green:


  • Recycling is available in all buildings on campus, and additional recycling receptacles will be placed to promote and encourage additional recycling.


  • O’More will also offer specialized recycling programs, and make them available to students, staff and faculty. This includes electronics, batteries and computers.


  • In an effort to eliminate paper waste, hand dryers will be implemented across campus.


  • As a creative community, we use a variety of art materials and fabric. To ensure that no usable materials are wasted, a fabric and art supply swap and donation drive will be organized.


  • In order to use less bottled water, the College will procure and place water filtration systems for drinking water.