Partnership Projects



Eastman Naia™an innovative yarn made from a cellulose ester technology, debuted at the Interfilière Paris fair in January 2017. Made from wood pulp and derived exclusively from sustainably managed and certified forests, Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn is a poised, new reflection of a long-standing fiber that enables luxurious, comfortable and easy-to-care-for fabrics and garments.


Last year, O’More’s Junior design students were challenged to design and construct evening gowns with Naia™ that were revealed at the Fashion Show.  Ashleigh Cain was the recipient of a $2500 scholarship for the 2017-18 school year, with Sydney Duncan, a close runner-up.


This year, O’More’s Sophomore and Junior design students have been challenged to design innovative knit ready-to-wear for women on the go.  Designs will be juried by Eastman, faculty and industry professionals, and showcased at the 2018 Fashion Show.


Follow the process on the Eastman Innovation Lab site and O’More’s blog


Think project runway with innovative material and insanely creative students!


Photo credit: Design-Ashleigh Cain, Model-Sydney Duncan and Photographer, Jami-Lyn Fehr



New Dialect is a non-profit contemporary dance collective and training program based in Nashville.  Their mission is to advance the evolution of our art form by inspiring people of all social backgrounds, cultures, and generations with authentic, high-quality dance workshops and performances that connect us more deeply to ourselves and each other.  


A select group of five students, under the direction of O’More fashion instructor and veteran dancer Tony Perrin, will be collaborating with New Dialect to design and construct costumes for the premiere of New Dialect’s new dance variation on Limited Etudes. The students will be working with Banning Bouldin the Creative Director of the company as a client and presenting their work for approval every step of the way.


This invaluable partnership will give the students real world experience where they will learn to how to clothe a body in motion, and understand the importance of fulfilling a client’s vision.  From board presentation, swatch and technique development to execution they will experience it all.  


The dance piece will be revealed at the 2018 Fashion Show.


Sponsored by the Nashville Fashion Alliance.



OnPoint Manufacturing was a 2017 Fashion Show sponsor, and has been an ongoing supporter of our talented students.  OnPoint offers multiple ways to increase a bottom line through a proven innovative on-demand manufacturing model, where businesses are no longer limited by geographical or physical barriers, where apparel designers can connect with consumers around the world quickly and easily.


OnPoint also maintains that the on-demand business model offers significant environmental advantages over traditional overseas manufacturing. With fast-fashion manufacturing most apparel often go unsold and are destroyed, usually after being shipped and handled multiple times. Wasted fabric, wasted energy, greenhouse emissions, and landfill overflows can result.


Check out the impact OnPoint is making in the textile and apparel industry here.