Partnership Projects



Naia™, an innovative yarn made from a cellulose ester technology, debuted at the Interfilière Paris fair held January 21–23. Made from wood pulp derived exclusively from sustainably managed and certified forests, Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn is a poised, new reflection of a long-standing fiber that enables luxurious, comfortable and easy-to-care-for fabrics and garments.


To celebrate the launch of Eastman’s newest material introduction called Naia™ from Eastman, O’More’s Junior design students have been challenged to design and construct evening gowns with Naia that will be revealed at the Fashion Show. The student with the top design will be awarded a $2500 scholarship for the 2017-18 school year.


Follow the process on the Eastman Innovation Lab site and O’More’s blog.


Think project runway with innovative material and insanely creative students!



Disability in particular is often overlooked by the design world. Clothing becomes more complicated when a person is confined to a wheelchair or blind and using a cane. In anticipation of the Fashion Show, we are challenging our students to apply the design-thinking process to help these individuals who are often forgotten by fashion.


Perhaps the most exciting development coming out of this challenge is the partnership with GiGi’s Playhouse-Nashville, an achievement center for those with Down syndrome. Eleven of O’More’s Junior design students have been paired with a child with Down syndrome from ages 6-10. By developing a relationship with the child first, the O’More students begin to better understand their individual likes and needs. At the culmination of the semester, each child will showcase a custom outfit at the annual O’More Fashion Show.


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Olah Inc.’s history is built on expertise, evolution and innovation.  The company debuted in 1959 and during its tenure the firm has worked with textile and apparel manufacturers throughout the world. Change drives the apparel and textile industry forward and shapes Olah Inc.’s outlook.


O’More and Olah, Inc. have challenged 10 select design students comprised of Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors to take a risk and produce innovative designs with cotton denim fabric.  Our students quickly understand that, in order to make a real impact, it is not enough to just make pretty outfits. Well-constructed, well-made and beautiful design begins with extensive research and solidifying a target market where a need is not being met.


Students are taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2018 trends shared at the Kingpins Show.  Designs will be revealed at the Fashion Show in May.



OnPoint Manufacturing is a 2017 Fashion Show sponsor, and ongoing supporter of our talented students.  OnPoint offers multiple ways to increase a bottom line through a proven innovative on-demand manufacturing model, where businesses are no longer limited by geographical or physical barriers, where apparel designers can connect with consumers around the world quickly and easily.


OnPoint also maintains that the on-demand business model offers significant environmental advantages over traditional overseas manufacturing. With fast-fashion manufacturing most apparel often go unsold and are destroyed, usually after being shipped and handled multiple times. Wasted fabric, wasted energy, greenhouse emissions, and landfill overflows can result.


Check out the impact OnPoint is making in the textile and apparel industry here.