Mission Statement

O’More College of Design cultivates a passion for design through a distinctive undergraduate education in a student -centered environment, leading to fulfilling careers as design professionals.

Vision Statement

O’More College of Design’s leadership in design thinking, doing, and educating shapes the local landscape and creates alums who will lead.


To support this vision, O’More College of Design


• Nurtures the success of others through a passion for design


• Creates a community of designers, creators, innovators, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs who are feeling-centered, community-minded, and goal-driven


• Promotes engagement in communities of mutual support and growth outside the College


•  Uses design principles throughout its organization and its educational practices

Core Values

  1. Empathy, which is the Beginning of any Good Design Solution, and Mindfulness of the Communities we Serve
  2. Impact as the Goal of Design
  3. Engagement with the World and Each Other, in all their Diversity
  4. Discovering our Core Culture in its Diverse Manifestations, which is the “Why” of “What” we do and “How” we do it
  5. Venturing in Spite of Fear and Uncertainty
  6. Iterating the Design of Ourselves and of All We Do to Improve