Interview with Fashion Designer Ashleigh Cain

Interview with Fashion Designer Ashleigh Cain

O’More Fashion Design student Ashleigh Cain, whose designs were featured in the 2017 O’More Fashion Show, was awarded a scholarship from Eastman Chemical Company for her work in the Naia Design Challenge. Ashleigh was interviewed recently by Conor Rees of 99 Percent Lifestyle.

“It seems like you are putting your university projects out there into the world instead of just keeping them as university projects. Why was it you chose to do this?

At my school, we are encouraged to put as much of our best work out into the world to get exposure and start networking ourselves. The work you see on my Instagram was not done overnight and what I have shown are the works that I am finally proud of. I just posted my first ever pictures not even a month ago and I wanted to show my world what I have been doing the past three years. It has been really exciting getting feedback for the first time from people other than family and classmates.”

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