Guest Speaker Highlights: Johnathan Kayne

Guest Speaker Highlights: Johnathan Kayne

Johnathan Kayne fashion design, fashion merchandising in Nashville, TN at O’More, graphic design and interior design offered. Johnathan Kayne at O’More, fashion design school in Nashville, TN, fashion design, fashion merchandising, interior design and graphic design offered.On February 7, 2017, the students and faculty at O’More had the opportunity to meet and gather insight from Johnathan Kayne.

This man has a stunning biography, and those who attended got to hear all the “good stuff” that happened between the lines. Lucky for you, we recorded the highlights, and put them together for you to watch in the clip above.

What’s he about? 

Kayne brings a light into an industry that can be dark once you immerse yourself inside it, and gave the students the inspiration they needed to be able to do the same.

Raised in Nashville, TN, Kayne was exposed to your classic down-home, southern manners and that gave him the qualities he needed to be successful in the fashion industry. Upon discovering that fashion design was his calling, Kayne attended O’More (for a hot second). Once he fell in love with the art of fashion even more, he realized what he wanted at the time was at FIT in NYC.

Johnathan found success in all corners of FIT which led him to eventually finding himself not on one season of Project Runway, but two. He gave the students the low down in regards to the process of getting on that show, as well as the insight you don’t hear on TV (i.e; No AC in the middle of the summer in Manhattan and he couldn’t wear the jackets and ensembles he truly wanted to).

Kayne told them of the difficulties that come with mass-production, as well as the perks of returning to Nashville, TN with the aim of dressing all of the south’s biggest stars. He made everyone in the room laugh, smile and left them with knowledge they didn’t have before. An amazing speaker, fantastic designer, and an all around great person. Johnathan Kayne.

Photos and Video: Jami-lyn Fehr

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