BUS 4280

Business for Visual Design (3)

Prerequisite: None

An in-depth look into how to work in or start a design business. This course deals with the business procedures related to the visual design industry such as client relationship, creating estimates, time management, entrepreneurial leadership and general business management skills.

HIS 2603

History of Graphic Design (3)

Prerequisite: None

A survey of pivotal achievements in visual design. Students explore creative thinkers

and communication technologies which have shaped visual communications throughout history through lectures, video, research, and studio projects.

VD 1505

Typography I (3)

Prerequisite: None

A study of type design, identification of styles, and typographic history. Students learn the use of type as a basic element of visual communications to create a desired effect. Students learn about kerning, x – height, point size, and type specification.

VD 1506

Intro to Visual Design (3)

Prerequisite: None

This introductory course will teach the creative process and help students understand how people process 2-D elements. Design principles are taught along with the basics of typography and color. Also included is an introduction to Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students learn how to solve communication problems combining elements in the most creative and precise form.

VD 2505

Typography II (3)

Prerequisites: VD 1505 and VD 2517

The emphasis of this course is on developing the skills of advanced digital type design and manipulation. Students will develop their own typefaces and work with projects that implement extensive use of typography. Students will study various forms of experimental typography that occur throughout its history and will develop solutions for advanced typographic challenges.

VD 2517

Vector Imaging (3)

Prerequisite: VD 1506 AND ART 1110

This class will focus on the use of the program Adobe Illustrator to produce illustrations and manipulate typography. Students will explore potential applications in the context of mastering both the technical and artistic aspects of the program.

VD 2518

Digital Imaging (3)

Prerequisite: VD1506

This class will focus on the use of the program Adobe Photoshop to produce images. Special techniques will be taught which will aid students in designing graphics for both print and web application. Emphasis is placed on both technical application and aesthetic judgments.

VD 2520

Digital Publishing (3)

Prerequisite: VD 1506

An in – depth study of Adobe InDesign which will teach students how to create single and multi – page documents for print. Emphasis is placed on furthering typographic and layout skills.

VD 2545

Illustration I (3)

Prerequisite: ART 1110

Students will learn the purpose and impact of illustration as a means of visually communicating ideas. It will give an overview of the history of this art form and will allow experimentation in a variety of traditional mediums.

VD 2553

Advertising Design (3)

Prerequisites: VD 1506, VD2517, VD 2518, VD 2520

An overview of the history of advertising and the key aspects of the industry including art direction, strategy, copywriting, media, and research. Through lectures, research, and studio work, students develop advertising campaigns using all phases of research, concept, planning, and execution. Emphasis is placed on goals, objectives, problems, opportunities, and creative strategy.

VD 3515

Interactive Design I (3)

Prerequisite: none

Students will learn about today’s interactive mediums & practices, including the work of the instructor and others now in the field. Topics will focus on graphical, haptic and kinetic user interface design for web, mobile and emerging platforms.

VD 3517

Interactive Design II (3)

Prerequisite: VD 3515

Students get hands-on with methods and tools used by today’s commercial interactive design teams. Working independently and as a team to complete a project from brief to prototype, students will work on user research, experience modeling, interaction design and prototyping.

VD 3525

Motion Design (3)

Prerequisite: VD 2518 and 3515

This course introduces fundamental concepts for motion design, including graphics and animations for television, movies, and web videos. It includes a foundation for visualizing and understanding motion using a variety of applications such as Adobe AfterEffects.

VD 3540

Animation (3)

Prerequisite: VD 2545

Students explore the foundational principles of animation to develop an understanding of screen space and fundamental film language skills. This class gives students the opportunity to experiment with basic animation techniques along with various animation software programs.

VD 3552

Corporate Design (3)

Prerequisites: VD 2517 and VD 2520

Students explore the planning, execution, and design of corporate branding which is used in marketing, packaging, stationery, advertising, etc. The emphasis is on creating a desired identity and image geared to a targeted demographic.

VD 3555

Print Design (3)

Prerequisites: ART 1102, VD 2517 and VD 2520

Emphasis is placed on the layout and design of text-heavy design such as magazines, brochures, and annual reports. Students produce several different types of print design using the elements of layout, typography, and images.

VD 3570

Package Design (3)

Prerequisites: ART 1103, VD 2517 and VD 2520

Students apply design principles in a 3 – D form by creating containers for a variety of products. Emphasis is placed on promotion, impact, construction, display, and function of the design.

VD 4270

Field Internship (4)

Prerequisite: Approval of the chair.

Students work outside of the college with an experienced designer in an established design – related business setting. Emphasis is on gaining practical, real – world experience as well as networking opportunities for possible employment upon graduation.

VD 4465

Portfolio Studies (3)

Prerequisites: Approval of the chair.

Under the guidance of the dean, students will develop a job – seeking portfolio. Existing projects are refined and gaps are filled with new projects. All projects must meet the most professional of standards with emphasis on quality in concept, design, and technical ability.

VD 4521

Senior Presentation (3)

Prerequisites: Senior status and approval of the chair.

Under the guidance of the dean, students collaborate to plan, design, and host an exhibit or create a self – promotion project that exposes their work to members of the design community in order to help gain post – graduation employment.


VD 3519

Digital Media Design (3)

Prerequisite: None

This class gives students the opportunity to bring together their knowledge of a wide variety of design mediums to create engaging content . By combining photo, video, audio, and design, students will create content for the web that can be published through a variety of social media networks and interactive applications.  Emphasis is on concept, development, and distribution of content marketing pieces, and the merging of design and technology.

VD 3520

App Design (3)

Prerequisite: VD 2518

Students are exposed to the basic principles and challenges of creating a cohesive interactive, human – centered experience for electronic media. The class explores application design, interactive information, presentation, mobile devices, and more.

VD 4280

Field Internship II (3)

Prerequisites: VD 4270 and approval of the chair.

Students obtain a second internship with an experienced designer in an established design – related business setting in order to gain further industry – related experience.

VD 4560

Letterpress Design (3)

Prerequisites: None

This class gives students the opportunity to explore the art of letterpress printing. Students will learn the fundamentals of letterpress including press operation, typesetting, linocut and polymer plates.

VD 4555

Design Honors (3)

Prerequisites: Senior status and approval of the chair.

This class gives students the opportunity to focus on a specific area within visual communications beyond other courses offered. Emphasis is on developing specific skills in a student’s chosen area.

VD 4565

Letterpress Design II (3)

Prerequisites: VD 4560

This course challenges students to further develop their letterpress printing abilities and expand their understanding of the history and practice of movable type. Students will create original work of visual interest with a high level of craftsmanship, focusing on timeless design principles.