Grades 6-12




SESSION ONE (Grades 1-5) June 5-9

SESSION TWO (Grades 6-12) June 12-16

SESSION THREE (Grades 1-5) July 10-14

SESSION FOUR (Grades 6-12) July 17-21



2017 Summer Studio Courses (Grades 6-12)

Advanced Jewelry Studio – Fashion Design Nashville, TN

Use new & recycled materials to create ART you can wear

Advanced Jewelry Studio

Session 2&4

Come create you own character or fictional worlds

Fantasy Art: Characters (CLOSED)

Session 2
Interior Design Nashville, TN – Interior Design Basics – CIDA

An excellent introductory course to everything Interior Design

Interior Design (CLOSED)

Session 2 & 4
Open Studio Portfolio Development – Creative Careers Nashville, TN

Work with a professional to get your portfolio ready for college

Portfolio Studio

Session 4
Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Still Life & Beyond Observational Drawing

A sure way to strengthen your skills: observational drawing

Still Life & Beyond

Session 2
Advanced Clay Studio – O’More College Fashion Merchandising, Graphic Design & More

Taking the ceramics experience to the next level

Advanced Clay Techniques (CLOSED)

Session 4
Fashion Merchandising Nashville, TN – Fashion Illustration Creating a Collection

Great design begins with detailed drawing

Fashion Illustration (ONE SPACE LEFT)

Session 4
Original Fashion Design Nashville, TN – Fashion Merchandising

Using a technique called ``draping``, create a one of a kind party dress

Original Fashion Design

Sessions 2&4
Photoshop Design – Graphic Design Nashville, TN

Using stock photos or your own, explore the many uses of Photoshop

Photoshop & Design

Sessions 2&4
Textile Design Print Making – Fashion Design Nashville, TN

Original print and pattern on paper and fabric

Textile Design & Print-Making (CLOSED)

Session 4
Collage & Papercraft – Creative Careers Nashville, TN

The possibilities are endless when it comes to paper

Collage & Papercraft

Session 2
Fashion Marketing – Fashion Merchandising Nashville, TN

From concept to production to the storefront

Fashion Marketing

Session 2
Junk Art Assemblages – Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Graphic Design & More

Make something extraordinary using found materials and recycled goods

Junk Art: Assemblage (CLOSED)

Session 4
Portrait Drawing – Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Graphic Design

The intrigue of the human face

Portrait Drawing (CLOSED)

Session 4
Tiny House Nation – Interior Design Nashville, TN – CIDA

Design and create your own ``tiny house`` in detail

Tiny House Movement

Session 2 & 4
Fashion Design School Nashville, TN – Summer Sessions Rolwing Grades 6-12

Travel through time to explore fashion from the decades

Vintage Inspiration

Session 2
Exploring Photography – O’More Graphic Design Nashville, TN & Fashion Design

Learn everything you want to know about your digital or manual camera

Exploring Photography (CLOSED)

Session 2 & 4
Good Enough to Eat Food Art – Creative Careers Nashville, TN

If you love food and you love art, this is for you

Good Enough to Eat: Food Art

Session 2
Narrative Art – Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Graphic Design & More

Illustration and story-telling through art

Narrative Art: Telling a Story

Session 2
Sketching Franklin Part 2 – Creative Careers Nashville, TN

A popular course about ``Urban Sketching`` throughout our historic town

Sketching Franklin Part 2

Session 2