Grades 1-5




SESSION ONE (Grades 1-5) June 4-8

SESSION TWO (Grades 6-12) June 11-15

SESSION THREE (Grades 1-5) July 9-13

SESSION FOUR (Grades 6-12) July 16-20

Fashion Merchandising Nashville, TN – Fashion Drawing Advanced Paper Dolls

Join us as we make paper dolls and explore style and fashion. We will make a selfie doll in our favorite outfit, and look at seasonal and fun trends.

Paper Doll Style

Session 1
Fashion Design Nashville, TN – Stitching & Weaving Textile Design

Come explore the world of weaving! We will create weaving wonders using a variety of textures, including yarn, cloth, and nature’s own textiles.

Weaving Wonders

Session 1

Easy techniques to learn to draw or improve your drawing. We will use mixed media. Subject matter and media according to student interests.

Drawing & Painting

Sessions 1&3
Discovering Photography – Creative Careers Nashville, TN

*Required equipment: basic point & shoot camera required, SD card, batteries + extras
This course will focus on camera basics & care, picture composition tips, simple indoor/outdoor lighting techniques, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, photojournalism (street photography), on-camera flash, focus, panning, blurring, pets, macro, angle & light, candid or posed. Younger children will stick to preset modes such as landscape and portrait while some older children will be ready to experiment with manual modes towards the end of the week. Comfortable shoes, clothing and sunscreen suggested due to lots of walking on and off campus.


Sessions 1&3

Sculptural lamps, cray figures, fused glass pendants and plaster casting.


Session 1

Discover the enjoyment of sewing and make your sewing machine your new BFF. Build your skills one fun project at a time and share your creative talents with your family and friends.

Sew Much FUN!

Sessions 1 (FULL) & 3
Fashion Merchandising Nashville, TN Summer Sessions Rolwing Grades 1-5

Students will take a trip back in time by exploring vintage videos and photographs. While we learn about fashion icons and history, students will design and paint a 2D dress to ``wear`` for a historic fashion show.

Fashion Time Travel

Session 3
Papermaking! – sher fick1

Recycle & Reuse Paper Scraps, Dryer Lint, Thread & more to make one-of-a-kind Paper (casting, deckling, inclusions, plantable seed paper)


Session 3
Animals in Art – Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Graphic Design & Fashion Design

Come and explore the fun of creating art about animals. We will work in a variety of media and create fish, birds, and also your pet (or imaginary pet).

Animal Art

Session 1
Fashion Merchandising Nashville, TN – Fashion Design Fashion Accessories

In this class, students will have fun exploring a variety of materials while they discover many different jewelry making techniques and tricks!

Jewelry Making

Session 1

Have fun learning how to animate a drawing to tell a story. In addition learn to use stop motion to animate legos or clay or a favorite stuffed animal. There are endless possibilities such as animated numbers and letters. Bring your ideas. Ipad required.

Animation Adventure

Sessions 1&3

Hammers and saws and drills, OH MY! (an introduction to woodshop & power tools, building wooden treasure boxes with hinged lids, a cool shelf for your room and a birdhouse.)


Session 1
Creating With Clay – Creative Careers Nashville, TN – Design College

In this class you will explore many different ways of building with clay in creative and fun ways!

Creating with Clay

Sessions 1&3

Come explore a variety of hand-made books and pop-ups!


Session 3
zentangles – sher fick1

Drawing designs using patterns - You create FUN art in ZANY ways (using b/w with pops of color)

Zany Zentangles

Session 3