Finding Work


O’More College boasts a job placement rate of over 90% – meaning that an incredibly high number of our graduates are able to find employment in their selected area of study.  The skills and connections acquired at O’More are focused on creating successful graduates, who then become leaders in the design industry.


The Office of Student Affairs provides connections to resources that assist students and alumni in conducting a job search, applying to graduate school, and/or managing a career.


Some services available include:


  • Access to an online job posting board for current students, and alumni e-mail lists for graduates
  • Connections to design professionals who can offer career coaching
  • Assistance with time management & organization
  • Resume & cover letter review
  • Connections to internship opportunities in the design industry
  • Professional networking events & speakers on-campus


For more information on career services, contact the Director of Student Affairs.


Information for Employers


Due to the high quality of work from our students and alumni, many business owners may seek O’More students to fill a variety of design positions and internships across the industry.  If you are interested in posting a job or internship opportunity on the O’More Job Listings board, please fill out and submit the form below.


All job listings are posted at the discretion of the Director of Student Affairs, who reserves the right not to post a job that does not appear to support the best interests of students and/or the college.


Internship opportunities that will count for credit must meet certain criteria as established by the individual programs.  Details are available from the Office of Student Affairs.


Employers are asked to notify the school when a position is filled. If we are not informed that a position is filled, then it will remain posted for one month.  Please help keep the board current and prevent students from applying for jobs that are no longer available.


O’More is not a job placement agency. It is up to the students to seek employment and to apply and interview with the employer for any available positions.


If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the Director of Student Affairs.

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