Eastman Design Challenge Week 4

Eastman Design Challenge Week 4

The students are winding near the end of the Eastman Naia Design Challenge using their innovative and sustainable fabric made of the cellulosic fiber.

This week, we featured and talked to designers Miranda Bolinger, Sydney Duncan, and Christine Tran.

Talking to Miranda: 

What feedback have you received from your peers and teachers, regarding your design?

DSC_0753Miranda: From my peers, they all really like it. They encourage me to keep going and everything. My teachers: They’re about the same. We get the same kind of feedback from everybody because our teachers right now are kind-of like our peers.

Where are you in the design process so far?

DSC_0727Miranda: *laughs* Almost complete! I just have a few more steps to do until it’s a complete design. Right now, I’m just working on the last little bit. I’m adding my decorations and my waistband, and then my zippers and then I’m done.



DSC_0741Talking to Sydney:

Sydney: Starting out, I was initially told to kind-of tone down my ideas because I wasn’t going to have time to do them, like the embroidery.

In the critique process, how does that help you refine your design? 

Sydney: I mean, you know, when you’re told you can’t do something, sometimes it makes you want to do it a little more.


DSC_0724Talking to Christine:

Christine: As the design process goes, I kind-of just go with my heart.

What do you have left to do? 

Christine: I still kind-of just have to put my dress together! Seam finishes, and all. Cutting out actually takes me the longest because I’m so OCD, but I feel like if you take the time to really cut out your fabric and line it up and everything, then sewing is a lot easier.

See you next week to see all the final products, and the winner!

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