Coming Full Circle: Creating the O’More School of Design at Belmont University

Coming Full Circle: Creating the O’More School of Design at Belmont University

Today is a historic and exciting day for O’More College of Design!

As you may have heard, Belmont University will be acquiring O’More and creating the O’More School of Design at Belmont University. Beginning the fall semester of 2018, our beloved institution will settle into a new home on Belmont’s campus in Nashville, TN and enter into its next phase of providing world-class design education.

There is much to celebrate with this announcement. As part of Belmont, O’More students will benefit from a wider selection of general education courses, as well other student life advantages, such as student housing, career placement services and studying abroad. Belmont also benefits as it can now offer students an expanded number of degree programs in the creative field that includes fashion, fashion merchandising and interior design. Together, the schools will elevate and expand design education in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast.

Certainly, we are very sad to leave our historic and beautiful campus in Franklin, which has been home for nearly 50 years, ever since Mrs. Eloise Pitts O’More founded the college in 1970. Yet the move to Belmont is also a homecoming of sorts. It is a little-known fact that before she famously made her way to Paris and then New York to immerse herself in the world of interior design, Mrs. O’More was a student of art at Ward-Belmont College in Nashville in the 1920s. Her love for the arts was nurtured on the very grounds where O’More students will now learn, practice and grow. It is moving to imagine them quite literally walking in Mrs. O’More footsteps.

I hope you will join us in celebrating this coming full circle of Mrs. O’More’s legacy. She has always been the inspiration for our school and will continue to be so. In her memory, we will continue to embrace beauty in all its forms and demonstrate the power of design to transform.

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