After O’More


The O’More College of Design Alumni Association unites all the alumni of O’More College of Design into one organization so that they may more effectively communicate with each other and with O’More on matters of mutual interest, arrange for alumni reunions, and promote alumni giving.

As O’More begins a new chapter  as The O’More School of Design at Belmont University, we welcome our alumni onto the new campus and are excited about their continued involvement.

The Alumni Association leverages the power of the graduates in association with each other and with the college to achieve the following goals:

  • Help achieve the leadership and success of all O’More graduates through alumni support
  • Provide memories that help retain the history, story, and traditions of O’More
  • Raise the quality, resources and reputation of O’More that bring pride to the alumni and add value to their diplomas

Interested in learning more and participating?

Graduation, graphic design in Nashville, TN, O’More also offers fashion merchandising, design and interior design.