At O’More College of Design, we travel. State to state, coast to coast, continent to continent. We travel to markets in Boston, to palace courtyards in Prague, and to the emerald coast of Ireland. It’s a critical component of our approach.

Every student has the opportunity to participate in our travel study courses, and we work to ensure the offering is affordable for everyone. O’More College strives to provide unique learning opportunities by offering courses that explore cultural diversity at the regional, national and international levels. We know there is no substitute for hands-on learning that provides an existential experience and a glimpse into other design worlds.

You can follow O’More adventures through our social media and O’More Travel Blog.

Trip expenses are not included in the tuition, so students are urged to plan ahead in order to partici­pate in these trips. However, some travel courses include travel grants.

2014 Travel Opportunites
New York — Fashion Design Majors

2015 Travel Opportunities
France/The Alps/Bavaria
New York — Fashion Design Majors

2016 Travel Opportunities
New York — Fashion Design Majors

2017 Travel Opportunities
British Isles/Ireland
New York — Fashion Design Majors

Past Travel Experiences Have Included: