At O’More College of Design, we take time to invest in relationships.  Personal attention and emphasis on the concept of teamwork is exhibited from the classroom to our extracurricular activities, creating a familial environment that encourages individual connections between students, staff, faculty members and the community.

More Life
The O’More campus is a short walk to a 16-block National Register brimming with rich culture and recreational opportunities. Students have unlimited opportunities to experience the arts and entertainment at the Historic Franklin Theatre, the Factory at Franklin, the Franklin Art Scene and in downtown Franklin.

O’More College is committed to fostering community friendships by expounding on shared cultural experiences through events, fellowship programs and relationships with local organizations and non-profit causes. Learn about these unique partnerships here.

To learn more about on-campus organizations, click here. To learn about the Townsend Institute for Global Competency and the programs it offers, click here.

More Travel
At O’More College, we travel. State to state, coast to coast, continent to continent. We travel to markets in Boston, to palace courtyards in Prague, to the emerald coast of Ireland and to Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. It’s a critical component of our approach.

Every student has the opportunity to participate in our travel study courses, and we work to ensure the offering is affordable for everyone. O’More College strives to provide unique learning opportunities by offering courses that explore cultural diversity at the regional, national and international levels. We know there is no substitute for hands-on learning that provides an existential experience and a glimpse into other design worlds.

All students are required to take at least one cultural or global travel course before graduating, and are encouraged to take multiple cultural/global courses. To learn more about our different options, click here.

To learn how we help our students become more globally enriched through programs and specific courses, click here.

More Experience
Each department oversees a customized internship program that equips students with a portfolio and the kind of qualifications that stand out from the crowd. Students have earned apprenticeships with Disney animators, studied under prominent Italian clothiers and trained with interior designers in the Caribbean. To learn more about each internship program, click here.

More Opportunity
More than 90 percent of 2011 graduates walked off our campus and into a position in their selected area of study. This means that nearly every student found a uniquely rewarding job that allowed him or her to immediately begin using that design degree–both in Tennessee and across the nation.