Get to Know Know Your O'More Family: Dave Thurm

The “Get to Know” series is about the people who make O’More such a uniquely wonderful place. Go here to read last week’s profile.

Name: Dave Thurm

O’More Title: Director of Information Technology

He’s Been at O’More Since: July 2012

What He’s Responsible For: Dave is responsible for incorporating new technology into various learning methods for the students. He works with teachers to update curricula through innovative ways of learning, and maintains the College’s network infrastructure and computer systems.

Dave’s Fun Fact: Dave and Visual Communications Department Chair Josh Lomelino have been best friends since high school, when they began working on computers together.

Dave is also a Network Architect for the IlliniCloud, a co-op of schools that provide cloud computing services for businesses and organizations in education, non-profit work and the government. Members include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Humanitarian Cloud, along with more than 500 colleges and school districts worldwide.

Why He Loves O’More: “The people. Everyone here is so thankful.”