Fashion Design

Our Fashion Design program allows students to develop a unique voice that continues to evolve as they gain knowledge and expertise. Courses are difficult from the outset–we demand not only passion and talent, but also innovation and perseverance. And from conceptualization to fashion forecasting, merchandising and manufacturing, our program will prepare you for every aspect of the fashion business.

The O’More fashion faculty represents every facet of the industry.

At O’More, we take talent and develop it from the ground up. We employ practicing professionals who teach the latest trends with real-life application, utilizing the latest technology, state-of-the-art fashion CAD and sewing labs, and individual attention to develop a comprehensive skill set that successfully translates into the marketplace.

Our department offers a 8:1 student to instructor ratio that allows teachers and pupils to develop deep relationships that extend beyond the cap and gown.

The training we provide is intensive and the expectations are high, but that doesn’t mean the work can’t be fun. Our students take exciting field trips to key design markets, like New York City’s Garment District, where they have had the opportunity to visit with industry leaders, secure valuable connections and land internships. In addition, each student has the opportunity to participate in our travel study courses. We know that there is no substitute for hands-on learning that provides an existential experience and glimpse into other design worlds.

Employers are looking for more than creativity; they need highly trained professionals with cultural experience to enter the workplace and make an immediate impact.

Around the nation, O’More graduates are industry leaders.

We immerse our students in design instruction–built upon a foundation of liberal arts–to nurture their inherent creative spark. Our faculty of working professionals understands the value of passion, as well as the role it serves in a successful career. They encourage and develop that in our students.

To see how our graduates are successfully wielding their fashion design degrees, read our Alumni Spotlight series here.

Fashion design student visions culminate in our annual Eloise Student Fashion Show, where selected junior and senior collections–each piece illustrated, pattered, draped and constructed by participating designers–are presented to a crowd of 800 in a highly produced, New York-style runway show. For our students, it’s an unique opportunity to showcase what they’ve created to the right people.

Laptop & Software Requirements: All fashion design majors are required to have use of a laptop and must purchase the designated Microsoft Office software. Additional software will be needed throughout the degree program. Students can purchase software using educational discounts.

Sewing Machine Requirement: The approximate cost of $250 will be required for the purchase of a Singer sewing machine the first semester.