Internship Insights: Bianca Blue

Visual Communications Student Interns at Magnetic Dreams

Bianca Blue

Bianca Blue

Bianca Blue used to get daily green screen time with Bert, Ernie and Elmo. As an intern with Magnetic Dreams last spring, the visual communications senior spent many hours helping the Nashville-based design studio team create and manipulate animated Sesame Street characters.

Magnetic Dreams specializes in motion graphics, 3D animation, look refinement, compositing, and visual effects, and runs the gamut on client projects. Accounts include Marvel Entertainment—the powerhouse home to the Avengers—and past individual projects range from Taylor Swift and Shakira to Dell and USPS.

“I was thrown into the job in the beginning, and they [Magnetic Dreams] weren’t sure what I could do,” Bianca says. “After a couple weeks, I approached them and said ‘I can do more than this!’”

That kind of go-getter attitude has allowed the designer to take full advantage of the internship: She was in the thick of the action when the company made Elmo the Musical, compositing and creating character additions. It was a top-secret project that Magnetic Dreams wasn’t allowed to reveal until its national announcement and one that Bianca was directly involved in.

She also played a large role in creating Elmo animation for the straight-to-DVD flick, Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge.

“The part I worked on and animated is when Elmo turns into a Pac-man character,” she says. “I just got the DVD. It’s so exciting to hold it!”

Bianca spent the majority of her time at the studio in the compositing department, but says she was able to experience different components of the production company.

“It was nice to learn how a team works together on a project,” said Blue. “It was very interesting to see everything on a real world scale.”

She also got an inside look at the firm’s first feature-length VFX project, indie film After, among other motion graphic projects.

“It was cool to see the production aspect of everything,” she said. “I was really able to understand through this internship what I did and didn’t want to do after this internship.”

After wrapping up the internship, Bianca used the experience to help launch a third-level motion picture course at the College with Visual Communications Chair Josh Lomelino. Through the class, she is creating a promotional video for the department that will incorporate many of the techniques she honed at Magnetic Dreams.

After graduation this December, Blue plans to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in graphic and motion design.

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