aDARable-pieceIn Spring 2013, the “Designing for a Cause” class at O’More College of Design partnered with local non-profit organization WEareDAR to produce a Spring 2014 children’s clothing line that will give hope to Haitian women in extreme need. The resulting “aDARable” Spring 2014 children’s label, designed by seven fashion design students, premiered during the 15th Annual Eloise Student Fashion Show on May 10, 2013.

In Summer 2013, 10 Haitian women will be responsible for the complete production of the line. Once constructed, WEareDAR Founder Martha Montiel-Lewis will market the clothing items to boutiques throughout Tennessee and in targeted online marketplaces. Proceeds will aid the Haitian women involved and their families. Montiel-Lewis said that while there may have been other concepts similar to the “aDARable” line, she believes this will be the first of its kind.

Read more about the project here or here, or watch the video below. Please join us in supporting this cause-driven line through donations.

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