School of FASHION

“There’s a support system you build here. You get a community who pushes you to the next level. It helps you develop a mind-set for the fashion design world.” - Hannah Jones (’10)

O’More’s School of Fashion offers two degree programs to allow students to develop a unique voice that continues to evolve as they gain expertise. Courses for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising are difficult from the outset: we demand not only passion and talent, but also innovation and perseverance.

Through required internship experiences and strategic classroom partnerships—such as aDARable, a Spring 2014 children’s line created in the “Designing for a Cause” course—our program provides ample opportunity to explore every aspect of the fashion business, and fully prepares graduates for a career in fashion.


“O’More was a building block to my career. I appreciate the skills and competencies honed at O’More; I use the knowledge that I gleaned there each and every day.” – L. Jonathan Savage (’08)

Between the coasts, O’More’s Interior Design program stands apart because of our incomparable faculty. The department was Tennessee’s first interior design degree program to be accredited by CIDA, and our long history means that we have crucial contacts with industry leaders and organizations that help graduates open doors to successful careers.

The department has recently made great strides within the industry: the College presented the first-ever O’More Show House in 2013, an event presented by Traditional Home that featured 17 interior designers, all award-winning alumni.

School of Visual Design

“The creative vibe at O’More was on fire. My class was so talented that the drive to be the best is what helped me get ready for the competitive battle in the industry.” - Dann Petty (’08)

The School of Vsiual Design incorporates innovative vision with technical talent and problem-solving skills to represent work in the most effective and creative manner.

The curriculum for the Graphic Design and Interactive Design degree programs is both forward-looking and grounded in tradition, mixing contemporary and technology-driven applications such as web and motion graphics with more time-honored print disciplines, including advertising and logo design. Time and time again, our alumni cite the department’s familial atmosphere as a character-building environment that allows individuals to grow as designers.

O’More College of Design is committed to the highest of standards. The faculty members of O’More College are dedicated to supporting each student as he or she develops a range of design skills, knowledge and understanding that will provide a substantial base for study in his or her major field of study.